Cocoa Beach Closed After Shark Sighting

Cocoa Beach Closed After Lifeguards Spot Shark Sighting On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Brevard County Ocean Rescue lifeguards mandated a temporary evacuation from the ocean on a stretch at Sheperd Park in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The order was issued after a shark were spotted in the ocean. Lifeguards closed off access […]

Summer Guide to UV

Summer Guide to UV Index Ultraviolet Index, commonly referred to as UV Index, was developed in 1994 in an effort to quantify just how “sunny” the sun is on any given day. The sun, like all hot objects, emits ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to […]

The Case Against Old Vinyl Rescue Tubes

The Case Against Old Vinyl Coated “Noodle” Rescue Tubes OPINION –The biggest issue with the old vinyl coated rescue tube (that no one seems to talk about) is the flexibility and slippery finish for the sake of the seldom used, antiquated option, of wrapping the victim […]

Suns Out!

Sun Out, Hats On! Lifeguard attire is a staple – it’s a steadfast way to tell a lifeguard apart from someone who is just sitting in a tall, white chair. It’s fairly common to see your lifeguard sporting a red swimsuit, but unfortunately, not all […]

Get Ready Lifeguards for the 2nd Annual Coquina Cup!

CANCELED The 2nd Annual Coquina Cup offers epic competition through a variety of disciplines on coquina sand and in the sea. This family-friendly three day ocean festival will test the skills of lifeguards during surf racing events, challenge open water swimmers and dare SUP, prone […]

Looking for Work as a Lifeguard?

Looking for Work as a Lifeguard? 3 Cities in Search of 2019 Lifeguards In response to warmer water temperatures with March in full swing, crowds are finally returning to the beaches. More beach attendees means a greater demand for lifeguards, so recently several cities made […]