Your Lifeguard Holiday Wish List This Year

The decorations are out, holiday music is playing in every store, and wish lists are waiting to be made. If you’re a lifeguard, it’s time to think about the new gear and outfits to add to your holiday wish list. Allow us to give you a running start.

1. Life Rescue Tube

Making rescues should be quick, fast, and simple. With the life rescue tube, it is! It comes in a variety of colors and is sized to fit any body type or height. Has your pool or beach already supplied you with a life rescue tube? Great. It never hurts to have another one on hand!

2. Lifeguard Hoodie

The holiday season happens to be a chilly season! Bundle up and break the wind with a hoodie that keeps you in uniform — and keeps you warm.

3. Megaphone

When it gets windy, it’s harder to carry your voice from a distance. Invest in a megaphone (it’s lifeguard red!) so that you can communicate with beach patrons from far away.

4. Dive Brick

Brush up on your skills with a dive brick. If you’re not working this season and need a way to stay fit and toned, your dive brick will help you out.

5. Lifeguard Backpack

Your gift-givers can wrap all of your lifeguard goodies in a versatile backpack. This backpack will serve as a go-to for your shifts — it’s big enough to hold your water, snacks, gear and more.

Ready to make your holiday list? Be sure not to wait too long — while supplies are still available. Happy holidays!

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