USA Swimming Reaches Swim Lessons Goal

USA Swimming Reaches Swim Lessions Goal for 2017 of Providing     1 Million Swim Lessons The USA Swimming Foundation, by means of its “Make a Splash” initiative partnered with water safety organizations and advocates to achieve the sizable goal of providing swim lessons and water […]

5 Summer Tips For Lifeguards!

5 Tips For Lifeguards To Stay On Track This Summer! 1. Brush Up – Take some time to meditate on the things that have made your lifeguarding career successful thus far, whether it be previous years as a working as a Lifeguard or completion of […]

Old Rescue Tubes Deemed Biohazard!

Lifeguard Instructor Deems Old Vinyl Rescue Tubes To Be Biohazard In a recent Lifeguard Training class, the Lifeguard Instructor pointed out some very crucial factors to consider in using the old vinyl coated rescue tubes. First, as the Lifeguard Instructor points out in the video, […]