Scariest Water Movies for Halloween

It’s spooky season, which means lifeguards are digging into the thing that scares them most: Scary water movies. Okay, lifeguards aren’t scared of the water… but we’re spooked by sharks, piranhas, big storms, and imaginary creatures called megalodons. If you’re looking for a good scare, try one of these scary water movies.

1. Jaws

Did the theme song go off in your head? Us too. This one’s a classic. Even if you’ve seen it once (or twenty times), it’s still a great movie to bust out for the Halloween season.

2. 47 Meters Down

Starring Mandy Moore, 47 Meters Down is an adventure-turned-thriller movie about 2 sisters who find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, oxygen-less, and surrounded by sharks — after their shark-viewing cage breaks.

3. Open Water

Two scuba divers find themselves stranded after their tour boat inadvertently leaves them in the middle of the ocean. The scare becomes a reality when they find themselves surrounded by sharks. Can someone say creepy?

4. Anaconda

Not all scary water movies are about sharks. Take Anaconda for example, a movie saga about expedition crews who find themselves face-to-face with man-eating anacondas. These anacondas swim in the murky water that these crews sail on. Send help!

5. Crawl

Now, alligators have the floor to terrify! The story revolves around a father and daughter who are trapped in their house after being hit by a Category 5 hurricane. The curveball: Alligators come into the picture. And they’re not very nice.

Love being spooked about the deep blue sea? Enjoy these movies and more. Happy spooky season!

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