Scariest Water Movies to Watch During Halloween Season

Scariest Water Movies for Halloween It’s spooky season, which means lifeguards are digging into the thing that scares them most: Scary water movies. Okay, lifeguards aren’t scared of the water… but we’re spooked by sharks, piranhas, big storms, and imaginary creatures called megalodons. If you’re […]

Marine Life to Look Out For at the Beach

Dangerous Marine Life to Look Out For at the Beach At the beach, everything is smooth sailing until you feel a peculiar object brush against your leg. Spielberg’s 1975 shark horror movie, ​Jaws ​ , may have glamorized the idea of dangerous marine life, particularly […]

Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario

Lifeguarding in Hollywood

Lifeguarding in Hollywood: A Definitive List of Films with Lifeguards Involved Baywatch is quickly coming up on its 2-year anniversary, with its release date of May 12, 2017. Despite its blockbuster success and large reach, Baywatch isn’t the only cinematic spectacle that features lifeguarding and […]