Lifeguarding in Hollywood: A Definitive List of Films with Lifeguards Involved

Baywatch is quickly coming up on its 2-year anniversary, with its release date of May 12, 2017. Despite its blockbuster success and large reach, Baywatch isn’t the only cinematic spectacle that features lifeguarding and all its glory. Although a bit more off the grid, there are plenty of other movies that showcase our well-loved beach superheroes. Tune in for one of these great watches:

1) The Lifeguard

Starring Kristen Bell, The Lifeguard tells the tale of a New York based writer who rekindles her passion for the ocean when she makes a life changing move to her hometown in Connecticut. While there, she resurrects her journey as a lifeguard and finds herself doing a lot more than reminiscing about her old job as new troubles come along the way.

2) Baywatch

Zac Efron and Alexandra DaddarioThe original may not star the supreme reign of The Rock, but it paved the path for success of its 2017 successor. Watch the riveting drama series as the lifeguards of Los Angeles County patrol beaches, ensure safety, and create a whole lot of drama.

3) Lifeguard

An oldie but a goodie, Lifeguard broke 1976 boundaries by bringing on a lifeguard-focused movie to the scene. In this movie, you’ll meet protagonist Rick Carlson who relishes the life as a golden goddess lifeguard. The twist comes around when he begins to contemplate a more “serious” career, in lieu of the paradise life he lives on the beach.

4) Aquamarine

Not necessarily a lifeguard movie, this movie follows the life of 2 best friends whose lives are changed after an in-person mermaid encounter. After confirming their suspicions that mermaids do, in fact, exist, they spend the rest of their summer in the water. Where there is water, there are lifeguards.

5) Jaws

Not everyone will take you seriously for yelling, “Get out of the water,” but Jaws coined a new sense of urgency with this phrase. Although Jaws is associated with sharks, it’s easy to forget the involvement of lifeguards who patrol these shark infested waters.


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