What Your Lifeguards Need in a Strong Starter Kit

Lifeguard managers, pool facilities and beaches: This one’s for you. If you’re not setting your new lifeguards up with a starter kit, we’re here to help you make a change. New lifeguards are busy training, learning the ropes and getting adjusted to their new — and important — job. Set them up for success with this starter kit.

Shirt + Shorts

Let’s start with the basics: The outfit. For lifeguards who want to wear board shorts, try this all-in-one lifeguard outfit. Some lifeguards opt for a one-piece bathing suit. Ahead of their first day, be sure to ask what outfit they prefer — and order at least 5 so they have enough for the work week.

LIFE Whistle

When your lifeguards need to get someone’s attention, they’ll blow on a whistle. If you’re feeling generous, ask if they have a color preference.

First Responder Bag (with AED)

Every lifeguard needs a first responder bag for emergencies. You can choose whether to let them take the bag home or leave it on-site. Either way, they should have their name on the bag so they can keep track of the bag’s contents.

Lifeguard Towel

While most lifeguards probably have spare towels at home, it’s a nice gesture to welcome them to the team with a lifeguard towel just for them. It’s a badge of honor to wear lifeguard-branded items — encourage your team to show off the impact they’re making!


If you manage the pool or beach lifeguards, make sure you have enough umbrellas for all lifeguards. This one won’t be part of their starter kit (it’ll always remain on the beach/pool!), but it’s important you keep your new guards protected from the sun with an umbrella.

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