Three Rescue Skills Every Lifeguard Needs

Three Prime Rescue Skills Every Lifeguard Needs There are many components of lifeguarding: swimming, running, patrolling, observing, and of course, rescuing. Of these, performing rescues requires the most training. If you’re thinking about pursuing lifeguarding as a job, make sure you have the skills that […]

Lifeguard Saves Choking Baby on Jersey Boardwalk

New Jersey Lifeguard Saves Choking Baby on the Boardwalk On Friday, June 7, a ​New Jersey lifeguard​ saved an infant from choking on a piece of plastic found on the beach boardwalk. The lifeguard, Pete Laquaglia, was on his break when the incident occurred. He […]

Why You Should “Swim Near a Lifeguard!”

“Swim Near a Lifeguard”: Why You Always Should It’s plastered on the pool rules and on every warning sign at the beach: Swim Near a Lifeguard. It’s clearly important, but few people understand exactly why it is. Whether it comes to ​dangers at the swimming […]