What Lifeguards Can Do While Beaches Are Closed

We’re all doing our part to help our world get back on its feet, and while we can’t predict what will happen or how long it will take for our globe to recover, we can fill our days with productive activities. For lifeguards, most beaches and pools are shut down, so the day-to-day workload is minimal. Here are some things you can do while our beaches are shut down throughout the coronavirus.

1. Exercise

Lots of lifeguards are taking time to get back in shape while they’re not working full-time. Try out some at-home workouts to get toned!

2. Brush up on your certifications

Almost time to renew one of your certifications? You can prepare while you’re at home! Or, if you’ve been thinking about specializing in something for your lifeguard career, now’s a great time for that.

3. Organize your lifeguard bag

Who else is afraid to go through their lifeguard bag because you’re not sure what you’ll find?! It’s like a junk drawer in your kitchen — at some point, you just have to go through it.

4. Read a book

Of course, we’re going to recommend you read a book about lifeguarding (such a great way to brush up on your lifeguard knowledge!), but you could pick up any book in your spare time. In times like these, it’s easy to fall into the trap of naps and Netflix, so we’re recommending that you keep working your brain with a book or two.

5. Create workout routines

Seems like exercise is on here twice, but creating a workout routine is a whole different ball game from doing exercise on your own. Once we get into a groove, it’s easy to slip into a mundane workout routine. Since we’re already out of the routine, why not try to create a seven-day workout plan for yourself?

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