5 Reasons Why You Need Lifeguards On The Beaches

Many people have gotten so used to the luxury of having a lifeguard on duty that it’s easy to forget just how important they are. No matter what’s going on in the world, safety and health are always top priorities — and that’s exactly why we have lifeguards to help us out. Here are five reasons why beaches need lifeguards on duty:

1. They’re trained

Whether you’re a parent or a friend of a drowning victim, finding yourself in this kind of situation is scary. People who aren’t trained to deal with emergencies don’t know how to handle them on the spot. Lifeguards, on the other hand, are fully equipped and ready to take on any kind of emergency that comes their way.

2. They’re on your side

Lifeguards do what they do for a reason: they care about your safety. Ask any lifeguard and you’ll hear the passion in their voice — lifeguarding isn’t easy or trivial, so the fact that they’re in it shows that they’re looking out for you.

3. They know CPR

Let’s face it — not all of us know CPR. If you don’t, it’s a great skill to have. Most community centers offer CPR classes for free, and it’s highly encouraged that you learn CPR should you ever find yourself in a situation where someone needs your help. That being said, one huge perk about lifeguards is that they know CPR because it’s a requirement for their certification.

4. They know how to stay calm

Lifeguards have been put through different types of stressors, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll likely stay calm no matter what happens while they’re on duty. This is important for emergency situations because they’re able to act quickly and think smart.

5. They are designated watchers

A beach without lifeguards relies heavily on community vigilantism. Although it’s great to see the community come together to protect one another, there’s no guarantee that beach attendees would be able to see everything going on at a given time. That’s why a lifeguard is on duty in their high chair to get a good look at everything going on at the beach.

As you can tell, lifeguards play a huge role in the safety of our beaches — even more so, they play a big role in our communities. The next time you walk by your beach’s lifeguard, send them a thank you or a quick hello. They do a lot to keep you safe!

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