Questions You Can Might Be Asked In A Lifeguard Job Interview

You nailed the swimming test and passed all of your lifeguard certification exams. What’s next? Landing the job can be an intimidating aspect of your lifeguard journey, despite the hard work you’ve put into your credentials. You’ll likely need to submit job applications to facilities that are hiring and then proceed with 1-2 rounds of interviews. No need to stress about your interview—we’ll walk you through some questions you can expect for your lifeguard interview and some tips along the way!

1. Tell us about yourself.

This is a given for almost any interview. When you’re interviewing for a lifeguard position, there are some key things they’re looking for when they ask you this. They want to know what inspired you to be in the lifesaving industry—it’s a commendable job, and they’re interested in why you want to help others. Use this as a time to talk about your background, what made you want to be a lifeguard, and what you hope to gain as a lifeguard. Bonus: If you have any big goals for yourself (be a lifeguard for 5 years, or get a scholarship for being a lifeguard), now is the time to address those.


2. What experience do you have with CPR and First Aid?

This is an easy question for you because if you’ve made it this far in the process, you’re certified! Tell them about that and elaborate a little on what you went through in your certification process. If you’ve ever made a rescue, feel free to mention that for bonus points.

3. Can you tell us about a time when you faced a great challenge?

Being a lifeguard is a huge responsibility, so this is the time for you to show that you’re accountable and ready to take on any tasks thrown your way. Think about your lifeguarding experience thus far and tell the interviewer about a time when you a) Spotted a problem b) Came up with a quick solution for it c) Collaborated with people or delegated tasks to others in order to troubleshoot the problem d) Came to a resolution. Then, explain what you were proud of handling in this situation. If you haven’t had any lifeguarding experience yet, take this time to reflect on a challenging situation in school, one of your extracurriculars, or in one of your other jobs.

4. What are you most excited for if you get the job?

First step to answering this question is taking time to think about your real answer. If you got this job tomorrow, what would you be the most excited about? Maybe it’s being outside in a fast-paced environment, or perhaps you’re excited to work with people or to make an impact in your community by saving lives. Take your answer and remind yourself how excited you really are for this big responsibility.

Interviews are tough, but when you’re passionate about what you do, the nerves will subside and your confidence and enthusiasm will shine through. Don’t let yourself forget your excitement about becoming a lifeguard, always smile, make solid eye contact, and speak to your interviewer as another person—someone who is hoping to hire you in exchange for your talents and skills. Pro tip: Always remember to send a thank you email or note after your interview. Good luck!

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