Marine Life to Look Out For at the Beach

Dangerous Marine Life to Look Out For at the Beach At the beach, everything is smooth sailing until you feel a peculiar object brush against your leg. Spielberg’s 1975 shark horror movie, ​Jaws ​ , may have glamorized the idea of dangerous marine life, particularly […]

Strong Rip Currents

Spring Break in Brevard

Spring Break in Brevard: Staying Ahead of the Game Cool breezes and floral blossoms are not the only perks of March and April. In sunny Florida, these months cue the onset of eager spring beakers from around the globe. In preparation for spring break, it’s […]

Lifeguard TV Interviews – 47 Meters Down Fans

Lifeguard TV Host Wyatt Werneth interviews fans about the upcoming 47 Meters Down Movie. This is exclusive content not seen anywhere else except on Lifeguard TV. Check it out! 47 Meters Down out in theaters June 16, 2017. For the latest lifeguard industry videos and […]