How to stay safe when swimming in the ocean from sharks

Sharks. They’re big. They’re scary. They’re toothy. Lifeguards are around to watch out for sharks and save victims in the rare case that a shark does attack, but we can’t completely remove sharks from the ocean. That’s why it’s important to know the basics of staying safe from sharks when you’re in the ocean.

Don’t swim during feeding hours

Sharks have breakfast at dawn and dinner at dusk, so steer clear of the beach during those times. Also, they’re nocturnal! So they thrive during these times when our visibility is compromised.


Avoid the ocean with wounds

As you probably know from Finding Nemo, sharks are attracted to the smell of blood. Even if you have a tiny cut, there’s a risk that the scent of a little bit of blood could make its way to a sharky friend (or rather, enemy).


Stay away from fishermen

Fishermen often use chum or bait to lure in fish, but you never know if they’re also attracting sharks. If you’re swimming around and you find yourself near a group of fishermen, just turn around and find another swimming area.

Take off your jewelry

While you’re taking off your jewelry, make sure you’re not wearing anything else that could be shiny. Sharks are drawn to shiny things, and lots of times they’ll think it’s a fish and go in for a bite. Here’s another pro tip: Don’t wear clothing that has bold colors contrasted against each other. Sharks’ eyes pick up on contrast.

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