What Is It Like To Be A Lifeguard At A Waterpark?

Waterparks are fun for all ages and adventurists of all kinds. Whether you like to float in the lazy river or surmount the thrilling water slides, there’s something for everyone. But what about the lifeguards? Life as a waterpark lifeguard is fun and in some cases, more exciting than the typical beach guard job. Let’s learn a bit more about what it’s like to be a lifeguard at a waterpark to see if it’s the job for you!

Less Rescues, More Scans

At waterparks, you don’t have to worry about sharks or jellyfish, nor do you have to worry about a rip tide current pulling someone into the depths of the ocean. Instead, you have to be scanning the crowds to make sure everyone is playing safely. Daniel Vasquez, from the Sun Sentinel, described it as “being hired to watch a non-stop, slow-motion tennis match.” Sounds like a lot of work!

If you’re considering working at a waterpark, make sure you’re ready to pay attention to detail at all times of the day. You’ll be continuously scanning your zone to make sure everyone is safe and abiding by the park rules.

Different Types of Rescues

At waterparks, attendees are facing bouts of intense heat, so you’ll be looking for signs of fainting or heat strokes. This means you must be incredibly observant and proactive. If you see someone who looks like they might be struggling, you need to act swiftly.

With these rescues, you need to clear everyone out of the surrounding area, call for emergency assistance, and help carry the victim out of the water.

Working With Kids

When you’re in the fun zone (basically every zone at a waterpark), you can expect to be interacting with kids all day, every day. If you’re not comfortable around kids or you don’t enjoy working with them, this job may not be the right fit for you. Working at a waterpark means you’re contributing to every family’s vacation experience, so you’ll need to keep the smiles out and have fun jokes and tricks on hand.

In addition to that, working with kids requires patience. Not all of them are easy to work with, so you need to remember that part of your job is service. You’re serving the kids and their families, and patience is a requirement in order to create a memorable experience for all parties.

Ready to jump in and start working? Working at waterparks is rewarding, and promoting safety is an integral part of any well-run waterpark. If you’re up to the challenge, put your skills and personality to the test by joining the team at your local park!

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