Spring Break in Brevard: Staying Ahead of the Game

Strong Rip CurrentsCool breezes and floral blossoms are not the only perks of March and April. In sunny Florida, these months cue the onset of eager spring beakers from around the globe. In preparation for spring break, it’s crucial that beachgoers are highly supplied and highly prepared. Fortunately, with well-trained lifeguards supervising the beaches, costs can be better avoided, but it’s important to be aware of beach conditions ahead of time:

Rip Current

On February 23, after a steep increase in calls regarding rip currents, the Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Lifeguards began to urge beachgoers to understand the gravity of rip currents and how to combat them. Their first piece of advice? Always swim near a lifeguard. If you do find yourself in a rip current with no lifeguard present, stay calm and swim parallel to the shore.


Florida has a strong history of shark attack spikes throughout March and April – particularly due to the increased presence of sharks in response to the warmer water conditions. Brevard Times advises swimmers be aware of Blacktip sharks, Bull sharks, Spinner sharks, and Shovelhead sharks.

Whether you’re on a fishing trip or catching some rays, spring break in Brevard hosts many options. Staying safe is simple if you educate yourself ahead of time, take precautions, and swim where lifeguards are present.

One of Brevard’s popular beaches, The Cocoa Beach Pier, has a live camera that comes in handy for spring breakers to easily gauge weather and crowds. Check out the camera before heading to the beach!

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