How much money do lifeguards make?

How much money do lifeguards make? Lifeguards are known for their bravery, their golden tans, their physical endurance, and… their titles. Let’s face it: it feels good to say you’re a lifeguard. Although, an often-asked question is whether or not the pay is worth the […]

SoCal Paddle Down Hits California Shores

The SoCal Paddle Down Hits California Shores Lifeguards from 25+ agencies joined together to complete a 250-mile ocean paddle. The PaddleDown began in the middle of June at Imperial Beach, and the relay has been making its way up the California coast since then. This […]

Looking for Work as a Lifeguard?

Looking for Work as a Lifeguard? 3 Cities in Search of 2019 Lifeguards In response to warmer water temperatures with March in full swing, crowds are finally returning to the beaches. More beach attendees means a greater demand for lifeguards, so recently several cities made […]


CSLSA CALIFORNIA SURF LIFESAVING – LIFESAVING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Part 1) Lifeguard TV at the CSLSA California Surf Lifesaving Championships. Showcasing the Lifesaving Championship at the Silver Strand State Beach, California. To Learn More About the California Surf Lifesaving Association (CSLSA) Click here. To be sure that […]

San Clemente Ocean Festival 2018 (Part 1)

2018 San Clemente, California Ocean Festival Held on July, 21-22  Lifeguard TV showcases the 2018 Ocean Festival held on July 21-22, in San Clemente, California. For more information about the event, check out the Ocean Festival website here. You can also check out our Instagram […]



The South Bay Dozen July 1, 2018 – Torrance Beach, CA The South Bay Dozen is a one-day event that aims to encourage community, health, philanthropy, and fun by way of ocean racing and teamwork. To be sure that you are not missing out on […]