5 Beach Destinations For Your Winter Trip

Didn’t make it to the beach this summer? No problem. Thanks to the sphere shape of our earth, hot weather is year-round — it just depends on where you go. Canada, of course, is not a tropical, balmy climate in the winter months. But venture south of the equator and you’ll hit the hot weather jackpot. Read on!

1. Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

Top of the list: Hawaii — not only for its beautiful beaches, but for its warm winter weather. Wintertime averages in Hawaii hover in the mid 70s, with surf-ready waves for our ocean-lovers.

2. San Diego, California

Another hot spot for winter swimmers is San Diego. Located just above the Mexico border, San Diego is known for its consistent 75-and-sunny weather. Temperatures can dip to the mid-to-high 70s in the winter months, but that’s nothing for a surfer or swimmer.

3. Key West, Florida

While the sunshine state does have mild winters, Key West is so far south that its winters are extremely mild. This town is a sun-and-sand mecca, but it’s not known as a popular surfing destination.

4. Boston Bay, Jamaica

Attention, surfers: Boston Bay is the place for big waves in the winter months. Fun fact: Boston Bay was actually the first internationally recognized Jamaican surf spot. You’re in for a treat!

5. Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Home to a number of yearly surfing competitions, Tamarindo Beach is a well-loved spot for visitors and Costa Rica locals. You can expect January to be the coldest month at Tamarindo Beach, but temperatures will rarely dip lower than the high 50s.

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