5 Hidden Beaches in the U.S.

With COVID-19 continuing to put a damper on travel and indoor activities, we’re all in search of ways to have fun and explore in a safe way. For lifeguards, swimmers, and water lovers, the beach may be your best bet. We compiled a list of five beautiful beaches that most people don’t know about. Check it out!

1. Cumberland Island, Georgia

Vast. Secluded. Beautiful. Not to mention, affordable. This beach is an escape for those looking for undisturbed, sandswept dunes. Cumberland Island stretches across 5 miles of protected land. If you’re lucky, you may see a horse (or five!).

2. Gray Whale Cove Beach, California

You may have heard of this California shore as Devil’s Slide for its steep cliffs that slide down into the water. It’s also known as Gray Whale Cove Beach for all the gray whales that have been spotted from the shore. It’s a great beach to visit if you’re in the Northern California area — it’s only 18 miles south of San Francisco!

3. South Manitou Island, Michigan

To get to South Maintou Island, you’ll need to take a 1.5 hour ferry ride. Enjoy views of the water and get excited for an escape to one of Michigan’s hidden beaches. Lots of visitors like to camp on this beach, bring friends and family and relax for a few days.

4. Rosemary Beach, Florida

Chances are, you’ve stumbled across an Instagram picture of Rosemary Beach. Now that it’s been discovered, people are flocking to this quaint, cottage-filled town on the Florida Peninsula. If you’re looking for a quiet, undisturbed trip, don’t worry. You’ll still find spots on Rosemary Beach where you can get time to yourself.

5. Ritalo Beach, Washington

Nested in Olympic National Park, Ritalo Beach is a rocky beach lined by deep blue waters and dark grey dunes. It’s best known for its jagged-edge rocks, poking out of the water — forming a natural skyscraper of beautiful rocks. You probably won’t come here for surfing, but there’s plenty of walking and admiring to be done on this beach.


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