YMCA SKWIM Exhibition 2019

YMCA SKWIM Exhibition 2019 Lifeguard TV Showcases the YMCA SKWIM Exhibition 2019 in Anaheim, California. The Event took place on Friday the 19th of July.   To be sure that you are not missing out on any of our lifeguard videos & stories, please subscribe […]

Aquatic Fitness is Growing in Popularity

Why Aquatic Fitness is Growing in Popularity Physical activity grows more and more difficult with age. Luckily for today’s world of seniors (we’re looking at you, baby boomers), exercise is made possible, popular, and fun with modern-day ​aquatic fitness classes​. Fitness instructors are finding innovative […]

Summer Guide to UV

Summer Guide to UV Index Ultraviolet Index, commonly referred to as UV Index, was developed in 1994 in an effort to quantify just how “sunny” the sun is on any given day. The sun, like all hot objects, emits ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to […]