5 Key Lifeguard Qualities that Make up a Successful Lifeguard

We’ll be the first to say that there is no one portrait of a typical lifeguard—that’s because the “typical lifeguard” doesn’t exist! Anyone can be a lifeguard. It is hard work, and it will require effort, endurance, and training to become a lifeguard—but anyone can do it if they are passionate about saving lives. That being said, there are some key qualities that are important to have as a lifeguard. Here are five of those:

1. Determined

Lifeguards have grit. They work hard, they don’t back down, and they are determined to do the right thing. Whether it means jumping into ice-cold water or delivering bad news to a beach patron, determination is a necessity for lifeguards.

2. Passionate

You may have seen this one coming—lifeguards have to be passionate about what they do! It’s an art, a skill, and a passion to look out for others and save lives. Ask any lifeguard why they do what they do and you’ll be able to see the passion immediately.

3. Empathetic

It’s important that lifeguards care about people. You will be working with—and more importantly, saving—the lives of people around you, so it’s absolutely critical that you are empathetic and understanding about their needs. The good news is if you’re thinking about becoming a lifeguard, you’re probably naturally empathetic. No training needed for this skill!

4. Energetic

Let’s face it: Lifeguarding isn’t for the 9-to-5 cubicle type of worker. Anyone who has a lot of energy and is willing to jump in and help when help is needed is destined to be a great lifeguard.

5. Friendly

Here’s a fun one—being friendly is a key characteristic of many lifeguards. You’ll be talking to people on a daily basis, so it’s helpful to be friendly and outgoing when you’re on the job. Friendly lifeguards are more approachable, which makes it easier for beach patrons to find you reliable and trustworthy.

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