What Sunscreen is Best for Lifeguards?

On the long list of things lifeguards need to do is one thing that is important, but often overlooked: Apply sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen protect your skin, but it prevents you from getting painful, nasty, distracting burns. No one wants a lifeguard that is distracted with their burns instead of focusing on everyone’s safety! The next time you find yourself in the sunscreen aisle, read through this guide to figure out which one is best for your needs:

 1. Mineral Sunscreen

There are two different types of sunscreen, and mineral sunscreen is the first one we’ll be covering. Mineral sunscreen works as a physical shield. It sits on top of your skin and protects it by physically reflecting UV rays. This sunscreen is best for people who have sensitive skin and/or need a full spectrum of protection from UV rays. Mineral sunscreen, unlike its chemical sunscreen counterpart, protects the skin against both UVB and UVA radiation—whereas chemical sunscreen only protects against UVB radiation. The downside to mineral sunscreen is that it tends to be thick and can leave a whitecast on your skin.

 2. Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen is the most common type of sunscreen, so most of your household staple sunscreen brands are chemical ones. Although these sunscreens don’t protect against UVA radiation, they generally provide great coverage for your skin. They work by absorbing UV rays and turning them into non-damaging wavelengths. Lifeguards who want a thin, easily applicable sunscreen that doesn’t leave a whitecast may opt for a chemical sunscreen.

Regardless of the type of sunscreen you choose, the important thing is that you’re protecting your skin. Lifeguards have a tough job as is, and it doesn’t help that the sun is beating down on your face all day. Pick whatever works best for you—just be sure to get one with a high SPF!


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