What Affects Does The First Day Of Fall Have On Lifeguards?

Lifeguarding, presumably a seasonal job, seems to have no demand in the cold winter months. We’ve now officially passed the first day of fall, typically around the 22nd – 24th of September, so what does that mean for lifeguards?

Well, lately there has actually been a shortage of lifeguards. The reason is still unknown, and there are likely multiple factors contributing to the shortage. So as the temperatures drop, it’s not as much of a threat to remaining lifeguards anymore, because there aren’t as many looking for jobs in the first place.

That’s not to say that lifeguards aren’t needed in the fall and winter months, though. In fact, they are needed year round! Indoor pools and aquatic facilities still operate in these months, thanks to pool heating systems. All of the regular pool-goers and swimmers need to be looked out for by lifeguards, rain or shine, heat or cold!

It’s always recommended that you follow your passion if lifeguarding is on your radar. It takes some time to get certified, but it’s well worth the rewarding day-to-day responsibilities and tasks. You may feel a little behind if you’re just getting interested in becoming a lifeguard in the cooler months, but fear not – there is always a need for all of the lifesaving experts out there.

After all, the answer is that the first day of fall really doesn’t affect lifeguards. Sure, you may be chilly on your walk into the aquatic facility, but you’re still just as appreciated as always!

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