Is Chlorine Ever Bad for You?

Could Chlorine Ever Be Bad for You? Most of us can recognize the smell of chlorine from a mile away. On one hand, it resurrects memories from childhood—splashing around in the pool and playing “Marco Polo!” On the other hand, you can’t help but wonder […]

5 Advantages of Using Swim Fins

The 5 Advantages of Using Swim Fins Ever dream about being a mermaid/merman? It may be a figment of your childhood wishes, but there’s a way to get close to achieving it. No, we’re not talking about a ​mermaid tail​. We’re talking about swim fins, […]

Why You Should “Swim Near a Lifeguard!”

“Swim Near a Lifeguard”: Why You Always Should It’s plastered on the pool rules and on every warning sign at the beach: Swim Near a Lifeguard. It’s clearly important, but few people understand exactly why it is. Whether it comes to ​dangers at the swimming […]

Using Swim Diapers at Swimming Pools

Importance of Using Swim Diapers at Swimming Pools Floaties out, sunscreen on. Your kids are dressed, in goggles, and ready to go. Are they missing anything? Chances are, you’ve come across swim diapers from time to time. If you’ve experienced a mishap or two at […]