The 5 Advantages of Using Swim Fins

Ever dream about being a mermaid/merman? It may be a figment of your childhood wishes, but there’s a way to get close to achieving it. No, we’re not talking about a ​mermaid tail​. We’re talking about swim fins, one of the best ways for you to increase swimming speed and strength. It’s about more than just speed and strength, though. Here are 5 ​advantages​ of using swim fins!

1) Muscle building

When using swim fins to increase your speed, you’re upping your workout intensity. Some people depend too much on the fins and end up relying on them to do the grunt work, but as long as you view it as an asset to your workout, you’ll be toning up those legs in no time!

2) Improving your kicks

While toning your legs, you’re also honing your kicking skills. Swim fins add resistance to your kick, and they allow you to create more power behind each movement. If you really want to improve your kick technique, use minimal arms and rely more on your legs to propel your body.

3) Accomplish more in less time

If you’re using swim fins, your workout will feel somewhat condensed. What usually takes you 30 minutes to accomplish may be feasible in 20 minutes, thanks to your fins. Use this to your advantage!

4) Add variety

Swimming is fun, and there are lots of different ways to mix up your workout. Using swim fins is one of these ways. You aren’t committed to wearing swim fins your entire workout—you can go one round on, one round off.

5) Work your core

In addition to enhancing your leg workout, swim fins can also help with working your core with extra intensity. The added resistance on your legs requires your core to work harder. If ab muscles are important to you, you’re in luck!

Regardless of the exercise you choose, it’s important to move your body and work out regularly. If swimming is your workout of choice, don’t forget to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things—swim fins being one of the many ways to do so. Best of luck and happy swimming!


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