USLA Encourages Every American To Become Water Competent

United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) Encourages Every American To Become Water Competent In an Official Press Release dated May 8, 2018, the United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) informed Americans that Water Safety USA, of which the USLA is a founding member, issued a recommendation to […]

Swim Training Through Skwim Play

Lifeguard TV® was on hand for a swim training clinic that took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in which swim coaches used Skwim as a way for swim team members to have fun and practice their swim training and endurance at the same time. To […]

Old Rescue Tubes Deemed Biohazard!

Lifeguard Instructor Deems Old Vinyl Rescue Tubes To Be Biohazard In a recent Lifeguard Training class, the Lifeguard Instructor pointed out some very crucial factors to consider in using the old vinyl coated rescue tubes. First, as the Lifeguard Instructor points out in the video, […]