5 Things You Didn’t Know Lifeguards Deal With

Bet you thought lifeguards clock in, watch the patrons, and clock out. That’s true ⁠— they definitely do. But they do a lot more than just that. In case you’re interested in becoming a lifeguard or maybe you’d like to show your lifeguard extra appreciation the next time they’re working hard, here are 5 things lifeguards do that no one realizes:

1. Catch animals that land in the pool

Lifeguards double up as veterinarians every once and awhile. If a frog or duck finds itself in the pool, your lifeguard will need to swoop in and go for the rescue!

2. Never clear to leave until all patrons leave

Rain or shine, if you have people at your pool, it’s your duty to stay. Some lifeguards feel like they get off the hook if a rainstorm comes around, but if there are still people at the pool hiding under a shelter, you need to stay there to make sure everything is safe.

3. Dealing with intoxicated adults

Some adults take a “pool party” a bit too far. If adults are too intoxicated and it becomes a safety issue for everyone around them, you’ll have to deal with them. That means potentially asking them to leave the pool, which is always a sticky situation!

4. Sunscreen reapplications (all the time)

Sitting in the beaming sun for hours on end means you’ll have to reapply sunscreen consistently throughout the day. If you don’t, you’ll expect lobster-level burns coming your way pretty soon. Ouch!

5. Moving lounge chairs

A lot of times, lifeguards are in charge of also maintaining the pool for the duration of their shift. If people move around the lounge chairs, it’s typically your responsibility to move them back to their rightful places when you leave.


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