Lifeguard Upper Body Workout & Exercises

Lifeguards are always using their bodies on the job, specifically the upper body. Whether they’re performing a rescue, swimming or carrying someone in need, they’re constantly using their core and upper body muscles. If you’re spending some extra time at home and looking to get back in shape, follow these upper body workouts.

1. Planks and Side Planks

We all know the plank is a great way to engage your entire body, but once you can nail down the plank and side plank combination? Now that’s a workout! Try to spend one minute in plank mode and then switch to 30-second planks on each side.

2. Crunches

It’s always good to balance your workout with short, quick workouts, and crunches are a great place to start. Try to perform 50 crunches — it’ll really get your upper and lower core.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

We’re going off the grid and recommending a tricep workout for your arms. Push-ups are also great, but tricep kickbacks help you isolate the tricep muscle — which actually makes up ⅔ of your upper arm.

4. Pull-ups

Because the bicep and tricep work together, it’s important that you switch it up after the triceps to pull up and work on those biceps. These are tough, so aim for 15-20 per day.

5. Anti-Rotation Band Walk Out

Some athletes recommend doing exercises like russian twists to strengthen your core, but some medical experts say that this exercise is dangerous for your spine. One alternative work out for the russian twist is the Band Walk Out, which strengthens you core without rotating your lower lumbar spine.

Good luck and happy workout!


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