The Lifeguard Diet: Promote Healthy Living as a Lifeguard

One great thing about lifeguarding is it’s a built-in workout. You’re on your feet, thinking and acting with speed, lifting objects, and sometimes even running. That said, a healthy lifestyle encompasses more than just your fitness. Diet plays a huge role in your overall health. Well, lifeguards, let’s learn what you can eat to better support healthy living in your daily life.

Water, water, water

Being in the sun every day means you’re susceptible to dehydration. It’s so important that you drink water — on the job and off the job. By hydrating your body, you give yourself the fuel you need to tackle anything that comes your way.

Healthy proteins

Protein is heavily involved in muscle creation and development. It’s a common misconception that you need to consume huge amounts of protein in order for it to take effect. That’s not true! Having a fair balance of protein throughout your diet is all you need. Make sure you check the fat percentage of the proteins you’re consuming. Some protein-heavy foods are also really fat-heavy.


As you probably know, vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Not to mention, they make you feel good. Because veggies contain high levels of fiber and vitamins, they promote healthy, efficient digestion. That’s why you may feel lighter on your feet or more equipped to exert yourself after, say, eating a healthy salad for lunch.

Fruit > Dessert

There’s nothing like a refreshing ice cream cone on a hot summer day — but, it’s not the healthiest for your body. Good news: You can swap your ice cream and dessert treats for fruit. Try freezing your fruit for more of an ice cream feeling. Or, mix your fruit in your yogurt with a bag of granola. Tasty!

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