The Case Against Old Vinyl Coated “Noodle” Rescue Tubes

OPINION –The biggest issue with the old vinyl coated rescue tube (that no one seems to talk about) is the flexibility and slippery finish for the sake of the seldom used, antiquated option, of wrapping the victim and locking the tube. That is certainly an option in heavy surf, though even then, the victim can slip right out of the tube. The wrap option is not used much, especially at the pool or on calm water. Wrapping the victim can be false assurance and can greatly slow down the rescue. Conscious or unconscious, the victim must be held at all times in the pool or in open water.

That being said, the old style slippery noodle tube gives away the farm for the option of wrapping the victim.

In the vast majority of rescues, the victim is conscious and often in a state of panic. They need a secure platform of flotation with grip-ability, not an unstable slippery noodle tube.

All Lifeguards have experienced the cracking, ripping, picking, and ultra short lifespan of the vinyl coated rescue tubes much to their chagrin.


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