What Exactly is Lifeguard Lung?

Just What Exactly is Lifeguard Lung? Breathing is the cornerstone of a healthy swimmer or a healthy lifeguard. You learn how to use your lungs, diaphragm, and nose to ensure effective, healthy breaths when engaging in aquatic cardio activity. With that said, it’s important to […]

The Case Against Old Vinyl Rescue Tubes

The Case Against Old Vinyl Coated “Noodle” Rescue Tubes OPINION –The biggest issue with the old vinyl coated rescue tube (that no one seems to talk about) is the flexibility and slippery finish for the sake of the seldom used, antiquated option, of wrapping the victim […]

2017 USLA Junior Lifeguard Championships – Part 2

USLA Junior Lifeguard Championship 2017 – Part 2 The 2017 USLA National Junior Lifeguard Championships – Daytona Beach, Florida To be sure that you are not missing out on any of our lifeguard videos & stories, please subscribe to our newsletter here. For videos, articles, & events […]