Red Cross Manikin Makes A Splash With Lifeguards!

Aquatics Managers and Lifeguards who attended the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) National Annual Conference in Frisco, Texas earlier this year had the first look at the innovative new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manikin – Silhouette.

Aquatics Conference attendees were impressed with the innovative use of the Diving Brick mounted into the center of the Manikin. The use of the Brick allows the Manikin to sink to the bottom of the pool / lake / ocean and serve as a Passive Doll / Silhouette. The unique functionality of this innovative design, unlike that of Passive Dolls, allows the Lifeguard to practice rescuing the Manikin by bringing it to the surface using a lifesaving rescue maneuver. Once at the surface the Manikin (Victim) can be grasped and brought to safety.

When the Diving Brick is removed, the Lifeguard Training Manikin – Silhouette floats at the water’s surface, ideal for practicing American Red Cross rescues at or near the surface of the water as featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual.

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