Red Cross Unveils New Spinal Backboard!

The American Red Cross Unveils Innovative New Spinal Backboard! The American Red Cross recently unveiled a new spinal backboard made from lightweight and stable plastic that is ideal for “lifeguard training and rescue” according to the agency’s website.  Designed by Lifeguards, the new backboard incorporates […]

The History of Lifeguarding

The History Timeline of Lifeguarding Not everyone has an inner Samaritan, but those who do have found magnificent ways to put their selfless spirits to work. Lifeguarding is a perfect example of this. In honor of National Lifeguard Day, we’re exploring the history of lifeguards. […]

Red Cross Dives Into Lifeguard Equipment

American Red Cross Dives Into Innovative Lifeguard Equipment The American Red Cross recently expanded its Red Cross Store offerings to include an ever increasing variety of Lifeguard Equipment & Supplies. The Red Cross dove into the eCommerce space within the past several years amidst widespread […]