Looking for Work as a Lifeguard? 3 Cities in Search of 2019 Lifeguards

In response to warmer water temperatures with March in full swing, crowds are finally returning to the beaches. More beach attendees means a greater demand for lifeguards, so recently several cities made a push for hiring lifeguards in advance for the summer months. Check out the list below to see if your city is on the lookout:

1) New Orleans, Louisiana

Mardi Gras may be over, but summer is right around the corner! The New Orleans Recreation Department Commission (NORD) is scouting 150 lifeguards to fill spots for the 2019 pool season. NORD officials have asked for applicants with strong swimming skills, but they say it’s not important that applicants have prior lifeguard experience.

   2) San Diego, California

With more than 13 city-owned pools, the city of San Diego is holding tryouts for summer 2019 lifeguards. The city is seeking lifeguards and pool managers with the hopes of filling over 40 positions. In order to be hired, applicants must pass the tryouts, which includes a swim assessment, along with a weeklong lifeguard training course.

3) Clarksville, Tennessee

This summer, four Tennessee pools are in need of skilled lifeguards over the age of 16. Applications recently opened — they require that applicants are able to swim 300 yards continuously, tread water for two minutes without the help of hands or feet, and complete a timed swimming event in under 1 minute and 40 seconds. In exchange, lifeguards are rewarded with $8.75/hour.

Keep your eyes out for more lifeguard openings. The season has only just started, so there are many more to come!

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