Brevard County Ocean Lifeguard Held Tryouts

Last Monday, Brevard County held tryouts for this year’s ocean lifeguards. Tryouts are tough for anyone — aside from the mental stress, there’s a certain level of physical stress that can really take a toll on anyone. Lucky for Brevard, tryouts were successful and everyone put in their best effort!

Tryouts were staged at the Rockledge High School pool and track. Not only did the tryouts test the athletes for competency in lifeguarding but they emphasized the importance of exercise and healthy living. Lifeguarding is as physical as it is mental, and it’s important that Brevard’s lifeguards have endurance on and off the job.

For the tryouts, everyone had to swim 500 meters in 10 minutes, complete 30 push-ups without taking a break and finally, run a mile in less than 10 minutes. What a day! If you’re thinking about pursuing a path as a lifeguard, it’s important that you do your research, prepare and of course, exercise!

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