5 Exercises Every Lifeguard Should Know About

With summer right around the corner, gyms are filling up and bikini body inspiration is among us. Chances are your local lifeguard is thinking about more than just swimsuit goals, though. From beach hustles to courageous rescues, lifeguards’ bodies need to be properly conditioned. Good news is you don’t necessarily have to head to the gym to get in tip-top shape. Put it to the test by following any (or all) of these exercises at home:

1) Jump Roping

A low-risk investment, the jump rope is a classic piece of exercise equipment that can be used virtually anywhere. Jump ropes can be easily found for less than $10, with an impressively long warranty. Why try it out? Jump roping is a tried-and-true cardio exercise — not to mention, it provides a full body workout. Jumping with the knees at a slight bend eliminates tension that cardio typically places on the knees, ankles, and hips.

2) Burpees

Dubbed the dreaded workout for a reason, burpees are sure to make you feel the burn. Burpees can be done anywhere, but pay close attention to how you do your burpees. Form is key here — keep your posture straight, tighten your core, and slow down when needed. Lifeguards will find that this exercise boosts endurance, which is needed for sprints and long-distance swims.

3) Planks

Heavy lifting is a demand that comes with being a lifeguard, so upper body strength is a must. Planks are considered full-body workouts, as they strengthen the core while honing upper arm strength. Planking can inspire a group effort, so feel free to organize a plank challenge with your team.

4) Squats & Raises

Everybody loves a good squat exercise, but trekking through the sand necessitates a greater impact workout. Try combining squats and raises into a mini circuit. With this workout, you drop into a squat, clench your glutes and hamstrings on the way up, and then transition into a calf raise. The result is multi-sided: toned legs, improved balance, and necessary leg power to enable sprints in the sand.

5) Push-Up Walkouts

This exercise is a rendition of the classic push-up, as it incorporates a walk down into a push-up and a walk back up to standing position. With the added walk, you boost your heart rate and exercise your overall balance and coordination. Your resulting toned arms will find sprint swims and heavy lifting much easier.


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