Why Lifeguarding is a Year-Round Job

Lifeguards are in full force throughout the summer, but their job is not limited to the sunny months of June, July and August. Lifeguarding is a year-round job. A chill in the air might shake things up a bit, but with the right attire and a can-do attitude, lifeguards can make their mark any month of the year. Here’s why.

1. The beach is always there.

Sure, the beach gets chilly in the winter months, but it’s still there year-round. If people are on the beach, a lifeguard is usually needed to supervise, support and help in case of emergencies. For lifeguards who typically stick to the beach, there’s undoubtedly a need for year-round support.

2. Winter months = training months.

In the months leading up to summer, more and more people start their lifeguard training or recertification programs. It’s also a great time to expand into new skills and take more specific lifeguarding classes. Who’s best to teach those programs? Lifeguards! It’s a bit of a departure from patrolling beaches and pools, but training and teaching lifeguards is a new way to flex your skills and grow your lifeguarding career.

3. Indoor and heated pools need supervision.

An icy pool in the middle of January isn’t ideal for anyone, but an indoor or heated pool? Still in commission. If you’re looking for work outside of the summer months, start talking to your local gym and express your interest. It can get pretty competitive!

4. Some schools have pools.

Another spot with indoor pools: Schools. Kids from ages 5 to 18 use their school pools for practice, training, competitions and races. Some schools stick to a spring and summer swim season, but tons of them operate year-round — and they need lifeguards to keep the students safe.

5. Extra practice and training time.

If all else fails and you need to take a break from the job for a few months in the winter, use this time to train and brush up on your skills. Consider taking a lifeguarding class or working up your strength and endurance with a lifeguard workout routine. When summer rolls around again, you’ll be ready to get back out there!

Winter, spring, summer or fall — you’ll need the right lifeguard attire to help you move and stay comfortable on the job. Keep checking elifeguard.com for our latest deals and new products and uniforms.

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