Top Reasons Why Swim Lessons are Actually Life Lessons

Ever thought about taking swim lessons? Or perhaps you remember taking swim lessons as a kid. It’s easy to push off something like swimming as a hobby or sport that you’re not interested in, but swimming is an important skill to have in life — and you never know when it’ll come in handy. Plus, swim lessons can actually teach you a lot more than how to kick and swing a butterfly stroke. They can teach you lessons that will help you succeed in life.

 1. Survival

Well, this one is a little obvious. But it’s still important. Learning how to swim activates your survival instincts. Your body learns about fight-or-flight and how to persevere in harsh conditions. You also expand on your breathing technique, so you’ll find yourself being able to hold your breath much longer than you did before taking lessons. You never know what type of dire situation will call for a long hold of breath (and we hope you’re never in that situation!), but better to be safe than sorry.

 2. Commitment

Swimming is a full-body workout. You’ll use everything from your head to toes to move quickly, propel your body through the water and keep up the momentum as you race from one end of the pool to the other. This taps into a mental toughness that everyone has, but few of us foster. Swimmers grow mentally tough as they cultivate their swimming practice.

3. Health

As you dive into swimming (pun intended!), your body will demand more… in a good way! You’ll need to properly nourish your body, engage in more cardio, lift more, and of course, get more sleep. When you’re not actively working toward a sport like swimming, you may forget to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. That’s a big life lesson that comes with being a swimmer.

One other lesson swimming may teach you is that you actually love being in the water, so much so that you may consider becoming a lifeguard or a swim coach. If so, kudos from us! Welcome to the community — hang out on our blog or browse our site for fun tips and all the swimming and lifeguarding accessories you may need.

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