Lifeguards need for fall 2020?

It’s hard to believe summer is already coming to an end. Don’t panic just yet — it looks like we’ll be enjoying (or loathing) balmy days for at least another month or so. But with mid-August fast approaching and September not too far behind, it begs a question: Will we need lifeguards for fall 2020?

Lifeguarding in the fall

It’s common sense that lifeguarding in the fall is not as high in demand as it is in the summer. Depending on where you are, there may be close to no lifeguards at the beach or other outdoor facilities. That said, there’s always a need for lifeguards at indoor facilities, like your local indoor pool or fitness center.

Changes after coronavirus

We’ve seen a decrease in lifeguards for the summer of 2020 because of the pandemic. Pools and beaches have closed, opened, re-closed and — you guessed it — re-opened. While we don’t have a definite yes or no yet, we can confidently say that the coronavirus has changed the lifeguarding industry for the time being.

What to do

If you’re a lifeguard, don’t let these changes get you down! It never hurts to keep asking your local pools and fitness centers about upcoming positions. You can also look into online certification programs to brush up on your skills or you could even try teaching lifeguarding certification courses virtually!

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