You May Want To Be A Lifeguard This Fall And Winter

The thought of getting in a bathing suit and being near water in the cold winter months is probably the last thing you want to do, right? Depending on where you’re located, your winter months could be absolutely freezing or sunny and beautiful. Regardless, it’s unlikely that you’re looking to be outside in December or January. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider being a lifeguard for the cooler months, though!

Most pool facilities operate year-round. Indoor pools in gyms, YMCAs, and training complexes are in need of lifeguards every month of the year. Lots of swimmers and young kiddos are excited to have pool time somewhere when they’re used to being bundled up and escaping the cold air.

These facilities operate with heated pools, and most of them even have jacuzzis or steam rooms. It’s a nice oasis from the frigid outdoor weather. But these pools wouldn’t be around without lifeguards to make sure everything is safe and running smoothly. You most likely won’t be working long hours or late into the night, and your job is a fun way to get in touch with the community, foster safety inside and outside of the pool, and support swimmers to continue their passion despite the cold weather. During your downtime this winter, you may want to apply for a lifeguard position at a local facility.

Maybe a winter lifeguard job isn’t so bad after all! Check around your local pool facilities and gyms to see if there’s a need for your superpower. They would be lucky to welcome you onto the team!


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