What Do You Need To Know About the 2019 Lifeguard Shortage?

With ​articles​ surfacing about recent instances of ​lifeguard shortages​, it’s tough to predict what is in store for the industry. It is imperative that beaches and pools are occupied by lifeguards so that visitors can rest easy knowing their safety is in the hands of trained experts. This summer, cities have faced a new problem with lifeguard shortages. Read on to learn more about the problem and how you can potentially help.

Why the Shortage

It comes down to a matter of time. This has been an upward trend in the past decade, as aquatic facilities and cities have found it increasingly more difficult to hire ​lifeguards​. As lifeguard requirements have tightened, some candidates have been less inclined to pursue lifeguarding as a job.
Another reason comes down to the sheer ​shortage of labor.​ When a labor shortage is widespread like it has been, it affects every facet of the industry. Lifeguarding is no exception, and unfortunately, it affects pools and beaches nationwide.

What’s Next?

As prime lifeguarding season comes to a close, the shortage is not as much of a problem. However, it’s an issue that requires action in order to be solved. Anyone who has an interest in becoming a lifeguard is highly encouraged to pursue it. As a lifeguard, you have a great sense of autonomy just as you have the propensity to make an impact on the safety of your community.

We encourage anyone considering a career as a lifeguard to go after it! For the sake of your community and the practice of lifeguarding, your service would be paramount.

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