What you as a New Lifeguard are Expected to Know

Your first job is always memorable. No matter what you do, it’s safe to say you’ll probably have your fair share of ups and downs — but you’ll laugh it off and learn from it in the end. If you’re starting out as a new lifeguard (or thinking about it), get one step ahead by following this guide for new lifeguards.

Expect the unexpected

Cliche? Maybe. But for lifeguards, it’s true. Whether it’s a rescue or longer-than-usual shift, you should go into your lifeguarding career with this mantra: Expect the unexpected. And the thing is, most lifeguards LIVE for this! As long as you can embrace the spontaneity and the adventure, you’ll thrive.

Speed is key

In the same vein as “expect the unexpected,” lifeguards are always thinking on their feet. You’ll have to make quick decisions, move with speed and think twice as fast as you would regularly. That’s because you’re tasked with the big job of saving lives, which is no small feat. Luckily, you can take training courses to better prepare you for this new way of thinking and acting.

People time

A lot of new lifeguards are surprised by the amount of time they spend talking to people during their shifts. It may feel like a job where you keep to yourself and mind your own business, but it actually does demand a lot of people skills. Part of being a good lifeguard is building rapport with everyone you’re keeping safe.

Ready to jump in, save lives and make a difference? If you’re up for the challenge, we say go for it! Being a lifeguard is rewarding as it is fun. Good luck and happy lifeguarding!

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