What your COVID-19 Lifeguard Kit should have!

Even though we’re nearing the breezy fall months, lifeguards and COVID-19 are still around. You know what that means — lifeguards need to be prepared for all situations to make sure beach patrons and pool visitors are being as safe as possible. Not sure what you need in your lifeguard kit? Review these items and start assembling yours today.

1. Masks

This one’s a must, for you and the visitors you serve. It’s recommended that you always have extra masks in your bag. Don’t worry about matching your lifeguard uniform — there are plenty of masks with the lifeguard symbol so you can stand out in a crowd.

2. Hand wipes

You probably already have hand sanitizer stands all around you, but we’re all about the double duty protection. Order a pack of 100 hand wipes and you’ll be set for weeks.

3. Thermometer

We’re all getting accustomed to the temperature checks that are a byproduct of COVID-19. Make sure you have an infrared thermometer at your station so you can quickly check visitors as they come and go.

4. Gloves

If the sanitizer and wipes weren’t enough! But hey, you can never be too cautious. For lifeguards, gloves are especially important because you may come in direct contact with rescuees.

5. Biohazard bag

There may come a time when you need to dispose of things that contain bacteria, so it’s a good idea to have a biohazard bag on hand. These are affordable and easy to use, so just order one and away you go!

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