What Lifeguard should know about Heated Pools

If you’re lifeguarding in the fall and winter months, you might be supervising a heated pool. Some wonder if heated pools are safe or what it means to be a lifeguard at one — we’ll answer all of those questions and more!

1. Is it safe?

Heated pools are safe as long as they’re managed and maintained properly, as any pool should be. Chlorine levels should always be managed by your pool manager, and the pool should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards as a result of the heated pool.

2. Can kids swim in a heated pool?

Most heated pools aren’t hot like a jacuzzi. They’re simply warmer than what they would be in the winter cold. When it’s 70 degrees (or colder!) outside, the pool will feel really chilly. So a heated pool simply brings it to a bearable temperature. Still, you should make sure it’s noted somewhere that the pool is heated and be ready to answer any questions that parents may have about their kids’ safety in the pool.

3. How hot is it usually?

The temperature varies, but a good rule of thumb is to heat the pool somewhere between 78 – 82 degrees. Your pool manager will be able to help you out with this, as it depends on the size of the pool and the temperature of your location.

4. What if the pool isn’t heated?

If you don’t heat your pool, it’s pretty simple: It’ll get cold! And people may not want to swim in it as much as they would a heated pool. When it gets really cold, you’ll eventually have to close off the pool from the public, as it could be a health risk. Check with your city and your pool manager to understand the local laws about keeping a pool open in the winter.

As the weather cools down, we hope you’re able to keep up the lifeguarding work! It’s still possible without the balmy breezes and sunny days. Good luck and happy October!

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