What Does Hurricane Dorian Mean For Lifeguards

It seems like every hour brings a ​new update on Hurricane Dorian​ and her predicted path, and for lifeguards, that means a whole lot of uncertainty. Heavy rain, strong winds and messy beaches bring on a recipe for chaos, but the question remains: How bad will the storm be? As of now, Hurricane Dorian is moving at a slow pace, so she is weakening but growing in size. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of unpredictability with this storm. For lifeguards, that means being prepared for any possible outcome.

Lifeguards up and down the East Coast are bracing for a threatening storm over the next few days. That includes beaches on the East Coast of Florida to those as far as Delaware’s coastline. In fact, ​Patrol Capt. Kent Buckson​ of Rehoboth Beach said he and his team are spending every day trying to prepare for the hurricane. When asked about his preparation, he said he’s been handling everything from recruiting more lifeguards to pulling all beach equipment off of the beaches by Tuesday or Wednesday. His reason? “We don’t want to be playing catch-up when the storm is actually here.” For states up north, it’s less about fearing a lethal threat and more so about preparing for the aftermath of a big storm.

For lifeguards that are closer to the storm’s path (especially those in Florida), preparation has been key. Many beaches are removing lifeguard towers and advising all lifeguards to spread the news for ​everyone to get off the beaches​. Several towns along the coast have officially been evacuated. While it feels like a waiting game, it’s important for all lifeguards and facilities to enforce that no one should be on the beach.

As we continue to await an update and hold out for a positive outcome, we wish you and your family safety throughout and after the storm. Be prepared, stay inside, and continue to tune in for updates.


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