What Exactly is the Big Deal with Lifeguard Chair?

We see them all the time — lifeguard chairs are tall, bright and hard to miss. But what exactly is a lifeguard chair? Why is it so tall? Is it comfortable? We’ll answer all of these questions and more! Read along to get the full scoop.

What is a lifeguard chair?

A lifeguard chair is a taller-than-usual chair for lifeguards to sit on when patrolling beaches and pools. There are lots of different types of lifeguard chairs — some come with an umbrella, others come with stairs. This usually depends on your beach or pool facility.

Why is it so tall?

This one’s easy — lifeguard chairs are tall so that lifeguards can see everything! It gives them a good vantage point to see what’s going on at all angles of the beach.

Why are they always white?

Trick question! They’re not always white. But you’re right in thinking that a lot of them are white — and that’s because it helps deflect heat. If you were sitting in a black chair, it would get a lot hotter. That said, there’s nothing wrong with colors other than red!

Is it comfortable?

We’ll turn that question back over to you. Is your lifeguard chair comfortable? If not, head on over to eLifeguard.com and they’ll make sure you get a comfortable chair that suits your needs!

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