What does it mean to be a lifeguard?

Lifeguards are known for their superpower: saving lives — and that’s no small feat. But, they actually bring so much more to the table. Their skills, talents, and interests and unparalleled. Thinking about becoming a lifeguard? First, read what it really means to be a lifeguard and see if it interests you. (We think it will!)

1. It means being responsible.

As a lifeguard, you have a lot of lives in your hand. Hence the words “life” and “guard.” That’s right, you’re guarding lives! With that comes great responsibility. If you’re not so sure about being responsible for something so big, start small. Hold yourself accountable to one task every single day for 6 months.

2. It means being confident.

Lifeguarding requires people skills and public speaking skills. You’ll need to have a commanding presence and be comfortable with conflict. It’s important that you bring to the table a strong sense of self-awareness and comfort in your own skin.

3. It means having empathy.

Not every day will be easy. In fact, some days will be really, really difficult. Lifeguards must have a strong sense of empathy for everyone they’re protecting. It’s a big job, but the reward is high.

4. It means wearing the right clothes.

Okay, we’re half-joking on this one, but really — it is important that you adhere to your proper uniform and wear clothes that make you comfortable. You’ll need to be able to run, jump, bend, and stretch; your uniform will need to support you.

We can’t give you everything you need (that’ll come from you!), but we can definitely help you with #4: your uniform. Count on us for everything from lifeguard tees to lifeguard caps. We have your back!

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