Viral Online Diving Video Poses Potential Danger To The Public

A recent online posting of a young man at a swimming pool diving directly over a lifeguard is going viral on the internet.  Lifeguard TV® would like to caution that this is an extremely dangerous stunt and could lead to disastrous outcomes.  Diving into any water can be dangerous and that danger increases exponentially whenever normal factors and conditions are changed.

In this example, the diver has augmented the perilous nature of the dive by increasing his upward versus outward angle / momentum to be able to miss the lifeguard.  By doing this, his downward angle will be similar to diving from a much larger height.  The 7 Ft. depth of the water at this pool is not sufficient for this type of dive and could result in the diver hitting the bottom of the pool headfirst and becoming paralyzed.  Also, the diver is jumping over the lifeguard at an angle in order to increase deck running space.  This angled run shortens the diver’s available landing distance and puts him in danger of landing on the side of the pool or on the pool ladder which could result in serious injury or paralysis.  Years ago, at a swimming pool where I worked as a lifeguard, a patron dove from a high diving platform and landed on the side gutter of the pool and was seriously injured.  This was a very serious and sad event that I will always remember.

What is potentially more alarming than the diver attempting the dangerous stunt, is the apparent complicity of the lifeguard who slightly lowers his head and shoulders allowing it to take place.  This action by the lifeguard sets a terrible example for the other bathers who may attempt similar dangerous stunts that could prove to be tragic.  Although often difficult for a lifeguard to stand up to peer pressure from friends, family, and patrons to not follow the rules, the lifeguard is the last line of defense in keep swimmers safe, and Lifeguards should always make this fact their number 1 priority.


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