The USLA Selects 14 Athletes For 2019 International Surf Rescue Challenge

The United States Lifesaving Association National Team staff selected 14 athletes to take to this year’s ​International Surf Rescue Challenge​. The team picked 8 women and 6 men that will challenge Australia, Japan, New Zealand and host South Africa in the competition. The competition will take place​ in North Beach, Durban, South Africa from 28th September to 2nd October, 2019.

The International Surf Rescue Challenge (ISRC) is a 3-day long surf lifesaving competition is designed to test strong lifesaving athletes and their abilities to protect and rescue swimmers. To this end, the itinerary is packed with exciting challenges including surf swims, surf ski races, beach sprints, and board races. The athletes will also participate in several relays—Rescue Tube Rescue, Board Relay, and beach flags, to name a few. The competition rules state that teams are only allowed to have six female and male athletes per day. Congratulations to the following all-star athletes:

2019 Female Team

Kelsey Cummings, Stephanie Eisenring, Amanda Calabrese, Casey Francis, Hallie Petersohn, Emily Ruppert, Lexi Santer, Jenna Solberg

2019 Male Team

Hayden Hemmens, Ryan Paroz, Chase Robertson, Hunter Hay, Mo Peacock, Josh McIntire

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