Ideas for Trendy Lifeguard Apparel

It’s no secret that lifeguard attire isn’t featured on runway shows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport trendy suits while on duty. In fact, there are hundreds of options to tailor your lifeguard looks to your body and your style. Whether you add spunk to your outfit with a fun hat or you opt for a unique design for your bathing suit, your options are never limited in the world of lifeguarding.

1) Bathing suit colors

Not all facilities will allow for a lot of leeway in your ​bathing suit​ colors, especially if there’s a strict uniform in place, but the options do exist. The traditional colors, modeled after the American Red Cross, are red and white. However, some lifeguards opt for other colors, including blue, black, and green.

2) Bathing suit design

Typically, you’ll have more flexibility in deciding on the design of your bathing suit. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s expected to see a range of designs from lifeguard to lifeguard. If you prefer to keep your suit simple, you can choose a ​solid suit​. On the other hand, if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are a number of designs that have a print, such as ​stripes.​ Another way to vary your swimsuit design is by selecting different strap sizes. Most traditional suits come with thick straps as they add extra support, but thin straps and cross straps are also options.

3) T-shirt and shorts

When it comes to lifeguard attire, board shorts are staples. Anyone can wear them, they’re breathable​, and they typically fit most bodies well. You can change up your look by buying your shorts in different lengths. Some fall below the knees, while others are cropped at a shorter length. Lots of board shorts come with ​pockets​ that add an element of design to them, which is another way to change up your look.

4) Headwear

Spending hours in the sun may make you inclined to invest in a hat or two. In fact, it is recommended that lifeguards wear ​hats​ to protect the scalp, eyes, and face. There are plenty of different options for headwear, spanning from traditional ​caps​ to ​straw hats.

5) Whistle

Accessories​ can completely change an outfit—with whistles being a key ingredient in the lifeguard look. You may be provided with whistles specific to your area or your facility, but in the chance that you aren’t, it’s a fun and cheap way to add a pop to your outfit. You can complement the colors in your outfit with a matching whistle, or you can choose something that stands out a bit more.

6) Lifeguard chair

You don’t necessarily wear a lifeguard chair, but you can certainly create a signature look with it. Most facilities and beaches already have plenty of ​chairs​ (and yes, they’re usually pretty plain looking), but you may have the opportunity to pick your own if you progress into a managerial role over a team of lifeguards. Lifeguard chairs come in plenty of different colors for you to choose from. Not to mention, you may want to add your own flair with a designed ​umbrella​.


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