Top Trends for Lifeguards in 2020

While you’re setting fitness goals and other lofty aspirations for the new year, it’s a perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Lifeguard attire doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. If you’re looking for new ways to add something extra to your uniform, check out these 2020 trends for lifeguard gear.

1. Add a Pop of Color with a Whistle

Some uniform codes are more strict than others, so if you have to adhere to a certain color scheme with your board shorts or bathing suit, you may want to add a pop of color. A lifeguard whistle can take your outfit from blah to wow in a second—try it out!

2. Experiment with the Cut

You can always change your look by trying out different cuts and styles. For example, you may opt for a longer look with a board short look, or you may prefer a more stretchy fit.

3. Opt for a Two-Tone

There are plenty of two-tone lifeguard swimsuits that change up the traditional lifeguard look. If you’re trying to stay in the lifeguard color family, blue and red are your best bet!

4. Keep Your Keys (and Style) Together

One of the best ways to keep your keys and whistle in one place is a lanyard—especially if you’ll be moving around a lot on the job. With a lanyard, you can play it up with a fun pattern, or you can keep it subtle with a solid color.

5. Protect Your Head Fashionably

Hats do a lot more than just protect you from the sun—they can add an element of flair to your outfit. As a lifeguard, you have a lot of headwear options: straw hats, visors, patterned hats, solid hats, Aussie hats… the options are endless!

How will you show off your style in 2020? Let us know!

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